In March 2016, I joined one competition entitle “Street Furniture Design Competition” which organized by Phnom Penh City Center cooperated with Logon Urban Architecture Design and Board of Architects Cambodia. Actually, I did not win the competition, but I was really appreciated it. However, I am thankful that made me knew more people and I knew that I did not try out very well. I would pay more time and make more research for any next coming competition.

Simplicity, comfort and practicality are the most inspiration for this project design. People try to make things more comfortable and simple in both the way it looks and plays its own role because once it looks elementary it takes people more time to figure out how this simple thing plays a big role. There is a so there is attractiveness.

VA CHENDA-BOARD 1The advantages of the design are providing surrounding people with the suitable places for them to hang out, visit and enjoy with their friends, neighbours and families for outdoor activities. For example, the bench that I designed is not only for sitting but people also can lay down for relaxing.


The style of my sculpture design is inspired by Khmer ornament with linear form of bamboo to make a beautiful shading and see through the shell. The bench is simplified by the action of people. Normally, people to go outdoors in the group so it is important for them to have a good place that they can sit and able to see each other face while they are talking on the curved bench.


The material is the main actor in my design is bamboo. By choosing the eco-friendly material, it counts as a message to encourage people to consider of using the local light material. In Cambodia, there are many types of bamboo differ by their living locations. There is a technique for bamboo treatment. Bamboo can be lifelong up to 30 years for indoor use and 15 years for outdoor use.