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Site III
The proposal calls for an interpretation centre which will act as a hub for all eco-tourist activities on the reservoir. The location has been established as the point at the end of the dyke close to a year-round pond and a lotus pond. In order to accommodate parking, it has been suggested that for the purposes of parking the road is diverted onto an older existing parallel road. This would reduce traffic and further support the case for the bird sanctuaries location.
The program of the building shall include;
– restaurant/cafe,
– kitchen,
– the seating area,
– small theatre to show video of the history,
– gallery space for local culture and nature that can be seen in the are,
– 8m tower for nature spotting,
– toilets.
Externally the interpretation centre will cater for 20 car parking spaces and have space for coach parking to accommodate tourists from Siem Reap.